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I have been either designing or building sail and powerboats for over 36 years.  My involvement in the marine industry began as an apprentice boat builder in New Zealand working for my grandfather, a master shipwright.  I completed a full apprenticeship while at the Auckland Technical University and also earned a structural engineering and architecture associates degree.  Having practical experience in all facets of the building and design business and management roles make me uniquely qualified as a Naval Architect, Marine engineer and manager for the marine industry.


I bring to the market 26 years of international marine experience as an “all-around” yacht designer, devoting special attention to performance hull forms and engineering / mechanical design of components / production vessel design / interior design, general arrangements and styling to accommodate every client’s individual requirements.  I believe in making the design suit the function of the vessel while ensuring the styling complements the performance. Fore most to me is “the client satisfaction” from services rendered.  I am fully versed in Mac Surf, AutoCAD, Microsoft office programs and structural engineering programs.

Past experiences have included involvement with the design or re-design of many unique and interesting vessels, including an America’s Cup Yacht 1988 and passenger vessels for Walt Disney World Co.  As well as all engineering and structural styling for Walt Disney World’s Space mountain entrance and monorail system. Also, I am fully conversant with ABS, DNV, Lloyds, USCG and MCA requirements.


President, G. I. Robinson Yacht Designs
1988 - 1999

Past voting member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers; Published author on lightweight composite structures for the Royal Institute of Naval Architecture; Speaker at the Symposium of Modern Yacht Design in Portsmouth, England, at the Royal Institute of Naval Architecture, March 1998


Technical Director, Thunderbolt Marine Inc. Engineering and technical support, Lloyds, ABS, DNV and USCG vessel services as well as Owner of Grant Robinson Marine Design

Engineering and working drawing and documents for various projects.


Most Notable Survey:  Structural analysis of the BOC Challenge Yacht “Imagine” to determine why she failed structurally for the owner’s insurance company.


Served as third member of the design team for the 1988 America’s Cup  “New Zealand Challenge”, a 130’ monohull.  Subcontracted by Bruce Farr and Associates from Annapolis, MD.  Drawings included engineering of structures, cockpit and deck layouts, and bowsprit design. 

Project management:  G.I. Robinson.


Responsible for the re-design of various features on the 63’ Production Sailboat for Belliure Yachts of Spain.  Updated exterior styling and increased structural efficiency.  Also produced layouts and sail and deck plans for the Belliure 75’ to 90’ charter vessels.


Responsible for original hull design, engineering, exterior styling, interior fit out,  Project Management, and space planning for the following vessels:


210’ Motor Yacht

This vessel will be a triple turbine, double chine vessel. The hull built of aluminum with a large portion of the superstructure in composite and designed to American Bureau of Shipping  (ABS) standards. 


182’ Motor Yacht
Re-Launched 1995
This vessel has a steel hull with an aluminum superstructure and full ABS classification.  Extensive hull modeling and tank testing of this hull was performed by G.I.R.Y.D. & Artec Offshore tank services. Prior to a full refit in Louisiana, USA.


155’ Motor Yacht
Launched 1995
Built by Swiftships, Inc., of Morgan City, Louisiana, USA.  This vessel, designed to ABS standards for full AMS Class All-Ocean certification, was the largest aluminum motor yacht to be built in the United States.  Project management: G.I. Robinson.  Note; this vessel came in 100,000 Lbs over weight and still performed at 26knots, two (2) knots over tank tested predictions.


122’ Motor Yacht
Launched 1991-refitted and in-service 1998
The “Star of America”, designed for 166 passengers for service out of the World Trade Center in New York.  American Coast Guard Chapter “T” vessel.  Project management: G.I. Robinson.


117’ “Gentry Eagle”
Re-fit Launching 1995
A Trans-Atlantic HalesTrophy winner.  She was re-designed for use as a pleasure craft. G. I. Robinson designed new stern styling and sections, superstructure, exterior styling, and bulwarks, also performed all of the engineering of the new structures. Project management:  G.I. Robinson.


66’ Passenger Carrying Vessel

Launched 1997
Property of Walt Disney World Co., Orlando, FL. This aluminum vessel was designed to ABS standards to carry 120 passengers throughout Disney world of Orlando’s resort areas.  She was built by Skipper liner Industries and is used as the model standard for Disney’s future vessels. Project management:  G.I. Robinson. (6) Six built to date


65’ 65-knot Custom Sport Yacht
Launched 1994
Built by Florida Sport Yachts, St. Augustine, FL., this vessel is noted for its unique core construction, engineering, and lightweight. The design involved extensive, ground breaking model testing and has proven to perform exactly as planned 72knts max & 60 knts cruise. This vessel design and construction has been written about and published in the international engineering magazine “SAMPE”.  Project management:  G.I. Robinson


52’ Ultra Light Sailboat
Launched 1993
This vessel was built in New Zealand for a Japanese client, and has raced in the Melbourne to Osaka race. Currently being refitted for the next Osaka race

56’ Sports Fisherman
Launched 1990
Launched in Ft. Pierce, FL., in 1990.  This vessel is a high-end sports fisherman composite construction, which has a top speed of 38 knots at service load and 34 knots fully loaded. (2 built)


63' Sports Fisherman
Launched 1992
63’ version of the 56 ft sports fisherman was built in Stuart FL. and fitted out by Merrit Marine in Pompano, FL.  Project management:  G.I. Robinson. (3 built)


41’ Unlimited Ultra-Light Fractional Rig Sloop
Launched 1995
This vessel, built in Miami, FL., was designed with a revolutionary framing structure, which allows for a decrease in overall vessel weight. Carbon mast, carbon boom and all rig design.   Project management:  G.I. Robinson.


29’ Steel Passenger Carrying Launch
Launched 1979
This vessel with ice-breaking capabilities was built for Pickering Wharf Marine, Salem, MA., to service harbor mooring areas. It is Coast Guard Certified to carry 33 passengers.


66’ Stern Wheel Paddle Wheeler
Launched 1996
Currently operating in California, Clear Lake,  Project management: G.I. Robinson. This vessel was engineered and built in modules for transportation to California from Florida with assembly at Clear Lake. Capacity 150 passengers.

40’ Aluminum Sports Fishing Catamaran
Launched 1998
Unique Aero Construction in Aluminum for weight reduction. Project Management: G.I. Robinson.

72’ Sailing Catamaran
Launched 1998
This vessel was built for world cruising. Rig design and all structures by G.I Robinson. The maiden voyage from Daytona, Florida to the Virgin Islands and maintained an average speed of 18 knots.

65' Aluminum Sailing Catamaran
65' Aluminum world cruising sailing catamaran currently under design, construction to start July 1999 for launched August 2000


85' Motor Sailing Catamaran
Launched 1998
Sub contracted into Ocean Channel Adventures to re-engineer and design new hull bottom sections to enable the vessel to float and trim for the over weight condition, solved the structural twist problem between the hulls to satisfy the USCG. requirements for hull bending and twist.  


35' Production Trawler Yacht 
This vessel was designed for Luhrs Corporation of St. Augustine, Florida for simplified production building with a yacht finish. To date there have been 156 trawlers built to this design.


Designed hull conversions for three workboats, which were transformed into dinner-cruise/ferry vessels for the

Aegean Princess Line sailing out of Mykinos, Greece. 


Special Projects Designer

1985 -1988

Ted Hood and Associates/ Little Harbor Boatyard/ Hood Sail makers.  Marblehead, MA,

Including hardware, some rig and furling system design for “Hood Yacht Systems” as well as, deck hardware design and steering systems for the Little Harbor line of vessels.


Co-designed (with Ted Hood and Ted Fontaine) and served as project manager in the building of “American Promise”, a 60’ sailboat commissioned by Dodge Morgan.  Dodge Morgan sailed this vessel in a solo, non-stop, around-the-world voyage, which, broke 14 world records.  Also designed, outfitted, and delivered the “Little Harbor” line of 44’ to 75’ sailboats.


Developed Plans including Engineering and Structural drawings for 25 acres of Mr. Hood’s 80-acre Melville, R.I., Marina and boat building facility.  Responsible for all plan approval by E.P.A., Corps of Engineers, and D.E.Q.E.  Served as project design manager for changing Little Harbor Boat Yard complex into a marine office/residential facility.

Boat Builder 1982-1984.

Schoell Marine and Engineering, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Built plugs for Trojan Yachts.  During these years, Schoell was an industry leader in fiberglass technology.


Owner/Operator  1979-1981

Robinson Boat builders, Newburyport, MA.  Designed, built, and rebuilt wooden fishing boats and wooden yachts for both local industry and private owners.  Also conducted insurance and brokerage surveys.


Boat Builder 1976-1978

Dutch Wharf Boatyard, Branford CT. 

Engaged in all aspects of construction from set-up to finish carpentry on 40’-55’ sailing yachts.


Plant Foreman 1974-1976
Whiting Yachts, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Managed construction crew and participated in building of 25’ and 45’ Reactor sailboats.  The 45’ sailboats were built to Lloyd’s of London specifications.


Yacht Captain

Three privately owned yachts in the West Indies.


Captained 60’ to 92’ charter yachts in both offshore delivery and passenger capacities.


Latitude: 32.08078 Longitude: -81.09072

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